10.5 In. Sitting Hotei Happy Buddha Statue

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10.5 In. Sitting Hotei Happy Buddha Statue

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10.5 In. Sitting Hotei Happy Buddha Statue

This is a fine quality reproduction wood carving of the Japanese folk deity Hotei or Budai in Chinese, the Happy Buddha in America. Outstanding, beautiful fine quality detail, remarkable Asian artwork. Traditionally thought to attract fortune, felicity and good health. This is the Big Buddha with the round and lucky belly. It's an outstanding rendering. This is a sitting Lucky Buddha at his best. A distinctive, exceptional gift for a man or woman, friend or family. Large size, heavy weight cast resin rendering of the Happy Buddha. With a stunning, richly marbled faux wood grain finish. 11 in. W x 9 in. D x 10.5 in. H. The details of the robe are also exceptional, with amazing texture and color, including hand inlaid glass and hand painted hems. His face, his hands and his feet, are also remarkably real. This faux carved statue, crafted from cast heavy honey colored resin, is a beautiful, wonderful decorative accessory. If you know someone who likes beautiful decorative accessories, then this might be the gift you are looking for, for you or for them.

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