17 In. Standing Prosperity Buddha Statue

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17 In. Standing Prosperity Buddha Statue

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17 In. Standing Prosperity Buddha Statue

In the west, the "Happy Buddha" is one of the most well known oriental art motifs. Standing design, with hands in the air. Prosperity bestowing symbolism of arms up raised with lucky pearl and lucky ingot. This delightful and beautiful rendering of Hotei (in Japanese) or Budai (in Chinese) is sometimes called the "Dancing Buddha". The tallest of our series of high quality resin Happy Buddha statues. Stunning silver and black 2 tone finish with hand rendered detail. 10.5 in. W x 6 in. D x 17 in. H. The detail of this casting is superb. Note the beads and the wonderfully articulated folds and pattern in his robe, the belt and bow at his waist and the stuffed bag of plenty he's standing on. This is an exceptional piece of artwork and the price is such that you don't need to be rich to add it to your collection. If you want to give the gift of happiness, wealth, health and long life, you can at least give one of these wonderful statues. Tell the recipient to rub the statue's belly and hope for the best.

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