Standing Laughing Buddha Statue

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Standing Laughing Buddha Statue

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Standing Laughing Buddha Statue

Authentic Chinese statue. Antique faux patina looks authentic. Suitable for outdoor use. Symbolizes health, wealth, and happiness. Made from resin. Brown color. 17 in. L x 15 in. W x 36.25 in. H (27 lbs.). A beloved figure of Chinese origin, Budai, or the Laughing Buddha, is a traditional symbol of prosperity, happiness, health, and good fortune. A benevolent figure devoted to helping others, the Laughing Buddha is a popular image that can be found everywhere in temples, homes, restaurants, and places of business. This statue stands at an impressive height over three feet tall, his arms stretched upward in a gesture symbolizing wealth and abundance. You will find it hard to resist smiling with him when you behold this statue in your home, garden, or place of business!

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Date Added: 9/17/19
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