Intermediate Indoor Game Basketball

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Intermediate Indoor Game Basketball

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Intermediate Indoor Game Basketball

This Baden lexum elite basketball for women is NFHS and FIBA approved. With a perfection series ultra microfiber and cushion control technology, this ball's wide channel design enhances players' grip. Symmetrical design promotes a consistent bounce and feel for enhanced control. Cushion control technology provides a soft touch that stands up to repeated dribbling on hardwood indoor courts. Wide channel design allows players to achieve a steady grip on the ball for shooting and passing. NFHS approved for competitive high school basketball. Warranty: One year. Made from microfiber. Brown color. 28.5 in. Dia.. This Baden Perfection Elite Indoor Game Basketball is a high-quality game ball that's built for enhanced performance, making it a great addition to any school basketball program. The Perfection symmetrical design promises consistent shooting and ball handling without lumps or bad bounces. The ball has a softer feel and a better bounce due to Cushion Control Technology, and the Stealth Soft-Valve System keeps the valve recessed and barely noticeable during play. The microfiber cover and wide channels give players a better grip on the ball as they work their way to the net.

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