Huub Men's Aerious Wetsuit


Huub Men's Aerious Wetsuit

One suit, two differing buoyancies and the perfect combination of what you need to really maximize your potential. Flexibility, Stretch, stroke alignment and the exclusive X-O Skeleton.No other suits on the market today aids your stroke, kick and body position like the Aerious.KEY FEATURES X-O Skeleton for body alignment and Buoyancy Arm Crossover alignment for correct positioning and reduced snaking/Fish tailing in the water Break-away zipper for Transition speed The most flexible lining material available Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the industry.The only Mid level statement wetsuit available in two differing buoyancies. 4:4 and 3:5. 3:5 3MM UPPER BODY MATERIALS AND 5MM LOWER BODY MATERIALS85% of triathletes come to the sport from a non-swimming background and many suffer from low sinking legs in the water as they swim. Of course the buoyancy of any wetsuit helps bring the legs up higher but never before have wetsuits been designed specifically for these swimmers with a large buoyancy difference between the upper and lower bodies. Until you swim in one of these suits you won't believe how high your legs can be, they will feel glued to the surface and your potential as a swimmer will be truly unleashed!As we designed these sophisticated high technology suits, we increasingly moved away from neoprene towards new materials with properties of increased buoyancy and specified levels of stretch. 4:4 4MM UPPER AND LOWER BODY MATERIAL THICKNESSOur 4:4 wetsuits are for the stronger swimmers who already have a great horizontal position and do not need the redistributed buoyancy of a 3:5 wetsuit. You'll find perfectly distributed buoyancy to maintain the balance, harmony and efficiency of your stroke technique just as it feels in the pool. Like to use a bit of kick as you swim? No problem, these suits will let you do just that with a smooth natural action X-O-Skeleton: Researched with Huub Toussaint and Swim Smooth, the X-O-Skeleton is the spine and support structure of the suit holding the core of the swimmer straight and aligned in the water. Many swimmers increase their drag and lose efficiency by fish-tailing their hips side to side as they swim, the X-O-Skeleton supports the swimmer and allows them to cut through the water arrow-straight and encourages good body roll for a more efficient stroke.Crossover Alignment: Up to 70% of swimmers cross-over the center line in front of their head when they swim, losing propulsion and causing them to snake through the water. With Pail Newsome and Adam Young at Swim Smooth, we developed a unique over-reach system which restricts the crossing over movement and helps pull the lead arm straight. This is another feature of our suits that actually improves your stroke technique as you swim.Breakaway Zipper: This zipper is the best design in the market with a super-fast exit with one-pull release. You can also zip-up without assistance.

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Date Added: 6/12/20
Updated: 11/27/20

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