Spiderman Sequin Symbol Women's Sweater

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Spiderman Sequin Symbol Women's Sweater

Made from 100% cotton theSpiderman Sequin Symbol Women's Sweater is one of those pieces of apparel that is versatile in a tremendous sense. Why? Because it is both sweater and t-shirt...much like how Peter Parker is both man and spider! Well he's not really a spider but you know what I'm going for right? Yeah! Now revel in the awesome glory of this soft Spider-Man sweater t-shirt!You know what really makes this just the best? That sequin version of the famous symbol from Marvel Comics! This really is the next best thing to actually having Spider-Man's power but truth be told I don't think anybody wants to be bitten by a spider anyways. Heck all spiders could grant powers for all I know! Let's not test that out though and just get this sweet sweater. Much easier. Less pain!

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Date Added: 4/27/20
Updated: 11/27/20

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