Batman Dark Nights Metal #1 Men's T-shirt

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Batman Dark Nights Metal #1 Men's T-shirt

Welcome to the Dark Multiverse.What's the "Dark Multiverse?" Lying "underneath" the Multiverse the Dark Multiverse consists of broken corrupted and unfinishedrealities filled with humanity's collective anxieties fears and nightmares.What the hell does it have to do with Batman? Secret organizations have been carefully preparing him to become a bridge between dimensions -- adoorway grantingour tangible collective nightmares access to the "real" world.So does Batman and the rest of the DC Universe survive the invading armadasspilling out ofvile fractured andpersistently salivating subdimensions?Uh..kind of.Made from 100% cotton ourBatman Dark Nights Metal #1 Men's T-Shirt celebrates the mind-ravaging six-issue miniseries withthe variantcover adorning issue #1.Yes this Dark Nights metal t-shirt for men features artist GregCapullo's Batman -- bloodied beaten but still obstinate -- as he stands amidst cross-dimensionalmechanisms and symbols of various corrupted Batmenimbued with familiar Justice League power sets.Were there tie-in issues? Of course-- the murderous Batmen were wreaking havoc throughout theentire DC Universe. Wantthe complete list of tie-ins? Turn the shirt around...BINGO!Beautifullywritten by Scott Snyder Dark Nights Metal paid homage to previous DC epics while setting the stage for a recovering reinvigorated and expanded DC Universe.

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Date Added: 12/3/19
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