Adult Darth Vader Costume

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Adult Darth Vader Costume

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Adult Darth Vader Costume

Darth Vader is a guy we can relate to. He started off as a kid that grew up in the middle of nowhere. He left home with stars in his eyes, pursuing a grand dream of becoming some kind of benevolent hero that the Republic desperately needed. Things… didn’t quite work out as planned.Instead of rescuing the galaxy from evil, he ended up working in a crummy dead-end job, with an extremely demanding boss who makes him do all the dirty work. The people working under him are completely incompetent and no matter how hard of a job he does, they manage to bungle things beyond repair. (Sorry Stormtroopers, but the Death Star and that big loss on the Moon of Endor are BOTH your fault.) Yeah, he’s the kind of guy we’d like to hit happy hour with.Maybe you can help the rest of the world feel sympathetic for the villain when you wear this officially licensed Star Wars costume. This Darth Vader costume is an adult outfit that comes with everything you need to look like the Sith Lord. The black jumpsuit has printed details on the front, which recreate the look of Vader’s armor from the Original Trilogy. The costume also comes with a black cape, to help tie the look together. The final piece of the outfit is the molded mask since you can’t be the iconic Sith Lord without it!Once you have it on, you might fully understand the innermost thoughts of Darth Vader… you too might feel like overthrowing Emperor Palpatine!

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