Ultimate Edition: Darth Vader Costume

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Ultimate Edition: Darth Vader Costume

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Ultimate Edition: Darth Vader Costume

How many times have you pretended to be the Sith Lord? How many times have you done your best Jame Earl Jones impression so you could recite the lines from Empire Strikes Back? Now, with this Ultimate Edition Darth Vader Costume, there is no more pretending. You ARE the Emperor's enforcer. You ARE the most feared being the galaxy. This costume has intense details borrowed straight from the Star Wars movies, from the molded helmet, to the light up chest-plate. If you're looking for the ultimate Darth Vader experience, then this is the costume for you. ATTENTION CUSTOMERS:This product cannot be shipped in its original box to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Guadeloupe, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia or Singapore, Lithuania, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand or Ukraine.

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Date Added: 5/20/20
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