Star Wars Child Realistic Darth Vader Costume

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Star Wars Child Realistic Darth Vader Costume

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Star Wars Child Realistic Darth Vader Costume

It’s important to teach your child to set his targets high. Why shoot for being some run of the mill Stormtrooper when your young one could be the greatest Sith Lord that the galaxy has ever known? Well, it’s your job to make sure he gets started off on the right foot during his conquest of the galaxy, so getting him the perfect Star Wars costume should be your first order of business! Well, this Star Wars Realistic Darth Vader costume will help your child feel the Dark Side flow through him. Designed to look like the armor worn by the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker, your child should have no problem enacting his grand plans of containing the entire galaxy in his iron grip.The licensed Star Wars costume for kids comes with tons of great details to set your child apart from all the other Sith Lords. It comes with a black full-body jumpsuit that has textured details and printed armor pieces attached to it. Foam boot covers are attached to the bottom of the legs and are designed to fit over any pair of shoes. Of course, it comes with a cape, since no evil lord can intimidate legions of aliens without one! The belt adds the sci-fi look from the movie and the molded, 2-piece helmet perfectly recreates the look from the original Star Wars movies. It also comes with a pair of gloves round out the ensemble.All your child will need is a healthy affinity for the Force and a little bit of lightsaber training and he’ll be ready to rule a galaxy far, far away. 

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