Christmas Tree Costume

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Christmas Tree Costume

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Christmas Tree Costume

We're not going to lie. When it comes to good Christmas costumes, options seem a little limited. You've got Santa... or elves. That's like it.Or at least that's what they want you to think. Okay, so we're not exactly sure who 'they' are, but we're positive they're out there. Some conniving costumers that are trying to make everyone buy elf costumes so they can create a little elf army! We're not sure why they're trying to assemble an elf army, but rest assured that it's happening. But not today! Today we break the norm of Christmas costuming. Today we have more than just elves or Santa to offer you. Now you can be in a festive Christmas costume that's different. You can be a Christmas Tree.That's right. The tree. Unique, no? Never mind that you probably already have a tree at your house or wherever you're going for that holiday party. Can that tree walk around and wish people a Merry Christmas? We didn't think so! The best part is that the tree is as iconic as Santa is! Everybody knows what the Christmas tree is, better yet, anyone can be one! Particularly if you get this Christmas Tree Costume. This is a 100 percent polyester costume shaped like an evergreen. It's got a gold star, silver garlands, red ornaments and present-shaped foot covers. This way you'll be festive and all dressed up. Which, we're pretty sure, will make you the coolest tree around.

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