Glitter Christmas Tree Costume

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Glitter Christmas Tree Costume

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Glitter Christmas Tree Costume

Have you ever noticed that decorating for the holidays has become a contentious subject? It's not that anyone thinks you shouldn't decorate, it's just that everyone in the family has a different style when it comes to decking the halls. You've got a grown man who thinks sticking random cushy football stress balls and big chunky lights make for a great look. Then there's the in-law that likes to streamline their look with only one color of lights and glass ornaments.  Finally, there's your particular taste. You like to put up all those hand-made decorations from years and years back, let everyone have their input, and go with the flow. We agree that a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants look makes a room super cheery. But, here's the thing. There will still be people that compare one year's tree to another. Wouldn't it be a stop to the constant tree comparisons by unveiling the cutest Christmas tree anyone has ever seen! Well, your little girl can be a true holiday peace maker this year when she trots out in this awesome tree costume! It has layers of tulle down the dress trimmed in green sequins on the trim of the tulle. The ensemble is topped with a pointed green hat that's topped with a gold star and lined with more tulle and green sparkles. Finally, everyone can be on board with the Christmas tree this year! Now, if only everyone could simply decide on what you're eating for dinner this year.  

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