Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie Glass Ornament

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Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie Glass Ornament

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Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie Glass Ornament

Two important seasonsSo, it's December, and the Steelers Season is rolling right along. But being December, that means there's another very important season you're entering. The holiday season! Well, we suggest celebrating both at once, with your favorite Steelers Christmas accessories!Fun DetailsWhen it comes time to decorate your tree, you're definitely going to want to choose this Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie Glass Ornament for some extra Steelers style. This ornament comes from one of our favorite holiday companies, Old World Christmas, and it's NFL officially licensed. This ornament is made of molten glass mouth-blown into finely carved molds. This Steelers ornament is about 3 and a half inches tall, and is shaped in the style of a traditional pompom-topped beanie hat, complete with a Steelers logo on the cuff. It features glitter details for a little bit of shimmer, and it has a metal loop on the top to hang it up on a tree or as desired.All your Steelers stuffWhether you're having a Steelers-themed Christmas or want to show off your fandom on any other day of the year, we've got your back with tons of great fan selections. From apparel to gifts and accessories, be sure to shop our entire selection to see all the top selling items!

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Date Added: 12/24/19

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