Women's Christmas Tree Costume Dress

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Women's Christmas Tree Costume Dress

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Women's Christmas Tree Costume Dress

Want to know a certified way to guarantee you'll make out with a lot of Christmas presents this year? Well, we've done a lot of research and we (believe) we found a sure-fire solution. Turns out, the Grinch-method isn't lucrative at all and only promotes bad morale for all. Plus, breaking and entering stealing is bad and we don't want to steal everyone's presents. Through careful analysis and lots of diligent research, we've concluded that dressing up as a Christmas tree is the best way to make out like a bandit during the holidays, without actually acting like a bandit. Turns out, if you wear this women's Christmas tree dress and stand really still in the corner of any party, people will chest setting presents at your feet. Yea, it's as easy as that; this dress turns anyone into a convincing Douglas fir! You'll be so convincing everyone will just assume to give all the presents to you. While you're wearing the all green tank dress with glittery ornament appliques and fun tinsel garland. The star headband completes the festive ensemble and wraps up the tree-transformation! Whether you're attending a Christmas party or a potluck, this costume will be a holiday hit that can be worn year after year. And like we said before, it's inevitable that you'll be surrounded by gifts before the night is through!        

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Date Added: 12/24/19
Updated: 9/27/20

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