White Gogo Womens Costume Boots

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White Gogo Womens Costume Boots

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White Gogo Womens Costume Boots

BRING BACK THE 70'S70's costumes are super popular nowadays, and for good reason! Just look at these awesome gogo boots. Pair these with a little bit of paisley and some big jewelry, and your outfit is made! Something about these boots just makes us want to dance. Throw on a little ABBA, and show everyone that you, plus gogo boots, equals dancing queen! FUN DETAILS You might feel like you're on cloud nine when you throw on these boats, and while you might be, it might also be the 2.5" heel that is setting you up so high! These all white boots are made of faux leather so that you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your dancing boots! Finally, for your convenience, you'll find a zipper on the inner side to help these gogo boots come on and off easily.DANCING QUEEN So now you have your gogo boots, but do you know your favorite 70's jam? This is important, because when that song comes on, you'll have to clear the dance floor so that you can bust all of your grooviest moves. If you need a little help, you're always welcome to use our favorite ABBA song! Now get out there, and become a dancing queen! 

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Date Added: 12/16/20
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