Adult Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

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Adult Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

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Adult Care Bears Classic Tenderheart Bear Costume

CARE BEAR DREAMSBeing the "face" of an entire franchise would be a lot of pressure for anyone to handle but Tenderheart always seems to maintain his cool about it. If someone told us that we were going to lead a group of adorable, bright-colored, cloud-residing bears on missions to make the world a more caring place, we would not be able to locate our chill. We would instantly freak out because a) what if we are not cute enough to make the cut and b) oh em gee, the Care Bears are legendary! The thought of becoming the "face" of this lovable gang makes us tremble with intimidation...FUN DETAILSThankfully, our designers thought up a great way for us to be just as cute as the real deal so our concerns about joining the Care Bear clan slowly drifted away, (you know, just in case we'd ever get invited to team up with our idols, the Care Bears.) The classic Tenderheart Bear costume, which is a high-quality Made by Us garment, gives grown-ups the iconic bear's key features, like his extra-soft brown fur, his infamous belly badge, and connected mitts. The attached hood displays a plush snout and round ears to form the face we all know and love. Finally, the matching shoe covers are included with the ultra-soft jumpsuit to complete the head-to-toe disguise. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE, PALWith this adult onesie, your cuteness will rival that of the "real" Tenderheart's. By showing off his most aww-worthy features, everyone will agree that you'll have what it takes to be the "face" of the Care Bears. Now our designers just have to recreate the Care Bears stare, which may prove to be their biggest challenge yet, and you're well on your well to joining the clan of colorful bears!                 

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