Adult Black Cat Costume

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Adult Black Cat Costume

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Adult Black Cat Costume

A Witch in TrainingMost people don’t realize this, but to become a full-on witch—you know, the type that lives in the creepy woods, in complete isolation, conducting challenging spells and conjuring complex potions—you have to start your training as a black cat, shadowing a fully-trained and certified witch. We bet you also didn’t know there was a certification program for witches, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, if you want to get your magic on, you better pick up this Adult Black Cat Costume and find yourself a witch to follow around.You can probably check the internship website at the state university for open spots with witches looking to train. Once you find one that fits with your schedule, get ready to silently follow them around and every once in a while, run across the path of someone who’s about to be cursed! It’s the best way to get hands-on experience.Fun DetailsPerfect for staying stealthy and out of the way, while also curious and observant, this costume is the ideal dress code for someone looking to explore their magical roots. The jumpsuit fits over the whole body and is secured with a back zipper and features a sewn on tail. The mitts are sewn to the sleeve cuffs and have appliqued paw pads on the palms. Also included is a headpiece that has ears sewn to the top and secures under the chin with a hook and loop tab closure. Shoe covers fit around your foot and provide the full ominous appearance.You’ll Advance in No TimeBlack Cat interns like yourself have a high rate of quick advancement in the solitary Witch of the Woods field. So learn as much as you can following your training witch around. We’re sure you’ll do great. Maybe you’ll even have your own black cat trainee someday!

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