Amish Prairie Woman Costume For Adults

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Amish Prairie Woman Costume For Adults

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Amish Prairie Woman Costume For Adults

LIFE ON THE PRAIRIELife on the prairie would be an interesting experience! We imagine you'd have quite the view. After all, there aren't exactly a lot of trees around to block the view, so if you build on top of a hill you are going to be able to see for miles and miles in every direction! It'd feel pretty empty though. Your house would be the only island in a sea of grasses, stretching on and on. The one thing we don't think we'd like is the constant wind. When you live on the prairie, there isn't really anything to block the wind. This means that just about every day is spent with a heavy breeze blowing in your face. And while this might be refreshing on a hot summer day, it would not be refreshing when its 5 degrees outside. Still, it's a small price to pay for the awesome view you'd have! FUN DETAILS This costume will turn you into the likeness of an Amish Prairie woman! You'll be wearing a blue slip-on dress with an elastic waist. This dress is a classic Amish style with ties on the arms and neckline. Over the dress, you'll be wearing a white apron. The apron ties around the waist and is made of 100% polyester. Lastly comes the bonnet. The bonnet is essential for this costume and it comes in the same white as the apron. All you will need now are some good shoes and you will be all set! PRAIRIEIf you are going to be living on the prairie, it is time for you to learn how to act in the event of a tornado. Tornadoes are a regular occurrence on the prairie, and we would hate to see you get swept away. Learn fast, and be safe! But more importantly, enjoy your costume! 

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