High Tech Pet Pt-2 Pro Trainer Plus Sonic Cat & Dog Trainer

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High Tech Pet Pt-2 Pro Trainer Plus Sonic Cat & Dog Trainer

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High Tech Pet Pt-2 Pro Trainer Plus Sonic Cat & Dog Trainer

The new Pro Trainer Plus gives you a quick, easy way to train your dog or cat. This hand held, multi-tone electronic pet training aid uses sound, not shock, to teach your dog or cat to behave. The Pro Trainer Plus gives you four different training tones. Three obedience tones are provided to teach your pet specific behaviors such as Sit, Come, Heel, etc. A rapidly pulsating, irritating "NO!" tone is provided to deter barking, jumping, digging and other unwanted behaviors. Also Works On Cats! The Pro Trainer Plus is unique in its very humane yet, effective approach to pet obedience training. Unlike an electronic dog training collar, the Pro Trainer Plus is hand held. No electronic training collar is required. The Pro Trainer Plus combines the positive response techniques of clicker training with a powerful negative stimulus to quickly get your pet's attention when it is misbehaving. Even cats can be taught to come on command and to instantly stop clawing, chewing and entering off limits areas. The Pro Trainer Plus represents a significant advance in cat and dog training providing the pet owner with a quick, easy, effective and inexpensive pet training aid.Features: Trains your pet without shock stimulus Ergonomically designed Uses multi-tones for multi-command training LED command indicators Requires one 9 Volt alkaline battery (not included)

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Date Added: 7/31/20
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