Ishizawa-lab - Keana Rice Oil 60ml

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Ishizawa-lab - Keana Rice Oil 60ml

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Ishizawa-lab - Keana Rice Oil 60ml

Brand from Japan: Ishizawa-Lab. Softens the skin and gives it firmness, making it plump and smooth! Made from 100% domestic rice bran oil, it is a comfortable oil with no odor or stickiness. Rice bran oil has plenty of rice power such as vitamins and minerals. It gently blends into dry, stiff skin and protects moisture. If you use it on your hair, it will make your longed-for glossy. How to use: Face: Apply to the skin at the very end of skin care. Body: After taking a bath, apply it to your skin with a little moisture. It is also recommended to massage. Hair: Apply to towel-dried hair after washing.

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