Indigo/white Cotton Ikat 171 Fabric

SKU: IKT-171
UPC: 689354401727

Indigo/white Cotton Ikat 171 Fabric

The Indigo/White Cotton Ikat 171 Fabric is an eye-catching ethnic print fabric imported from India which has been dyed through a process similar to tie-dye for its pleasing effect. The word ikat comes from the Malaysian world "mengikat," which means to tie or bind, and refers to a textile dyeing technique in which the threads are dyed before the fabric is weaved. The elaborate, multicolored patterns constructed through this ancient resist dyeing process gives the Ikat fabric its distinctive "blurred" appearance. Our unique and distinctive fabric is available in a wide selection of colors. The fabric is sold by the Yard, and measures 44 inches in width.

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Date Added: 12/26/20

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