Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit Costume

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Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit Costume

We know you've had your ringtone set to the Imperial Death March for years now. Why not up your game for the Empire and suit up as the most notorious villain of them all?With this costume the galaxy will be yours for the taking! You'll be able to unleash the fury of your Sith powers, and you'll have a first class ticket to the newest Death Star. We're sure that with you at the helm the rebels won't stand a chance this time around. Not that weâ??re rooting for the dark side or anythingâ?¦This unique womenâ??s Star Wars costume is officially licensed â?? so you know itâ??s got that true Star Wars look. The black jumpsuit zips up in the back all night long (you know, even Darth Vader has to use the bathroom every now and then). The signature cape attaches at the neck with Hook and Loop fastener and the belt has printed details and ties around the waist. The foam armor pieces also add authentic details to the costume. The mask is what makes the costume â?? Darth Vader wasnâ??t really Darth Vader without it â?? and this costume comes with a plastic mask that secures to the head with elastic bands and has foam backing behind the visor for a comfortable and snug fit no matter what the night brings you! Suit up with your Dark Side allies â?? or perhaps even a few enemies â?? for a group costume worthy of the best in the galaxy this Halloween!

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Date Added: 3/30/20
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