Top Gun Flight Dress Plus Size Costume

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Top Gun Flight Dress Plus Size Costume

I got a need...a need for speed.When you get that need, the need for speed, what do you do? Go ride a Triple Crown winning race horse? No, you want to be in control. Get a really fast bright yellow Ferrari? No, you need something much faster. But where are you going to find a faster ride?Top Gun of course! This is where you will find the people who will help you go as fast as you can handle. You will meet friends, and reluctant acquaintances. But, you will all bond over the way going certain speeds can make you throw up. You don't want to wear you favorite t-shirt as a puke bib.This Plus Size Top Gun Flight Dress is perfect for keeping your favorite clothes clean during your training. Enjoy your time at Top Gun's flight school. And, don't let Ice Man get on you too much for being a wild card. Your call name is Maverick after all, besides Goose will have your back. This dress will also be great for letting the town folk know that you are training at the prestigious flight school. So, don't waste your time with a Triple Crown horse, or yellow Ferrari. Slip on this costume, and get ready to puke your guts up when you say, "I got a need...a need for speed."

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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