Men's Saint Patrick Costume

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Men's Saint Patrick Costume

The Real Meaning of St. Patrick's DayThese days, St. Patrick's Day is all about wearing green shirts and shamrocks. We all get together, drink some green beverages and we pinch anyone who didn't wear green! But really, the day commemorates the patron saint, Saint Patrick! Have you heard some of the stories about him? He was one pretty cool dude! Let us give you a brief bio of him.Although he started as originally from Roman Britain, he was captured by Irish pirates. He lived with them for six years and devoted himself to spiritual endeavors. He later traveled through Ireland, trying to spread the word to those across the country. He used a shamrock to teach valuable lessons about Christianity. Legend has it that he even chased away all of the snakes in Ireland! St. Patrick's Day celebrates his work and it celebrates Irish heritage, and if you want a great outfit to celebrate the patron saint, then you can step into his shoes by wearing this Saint Patrick Costume for adults!Design & DetailsThis costume was created by our costume designers to give anyone a chance to pay homage to the patron saint. The looked at classic, stained-glass imagery of the iconic religious figure and this Saint Patrick Costume captures the look perfectly! The costume begins with a simple, white, floor-length tunic, similar to those worn by religious clergy. The green poncho features gold detailing and fits loosely over the tunic. Finally, the costume comes with a ceremonial headdress with matching green and gold colors.Show Your Green Heritage!If you want to celebrate Irish heritage, then there's no better way than by dressing up as the patron saint of Saint Patrick's Day. You'll be ready to spread the good word of St. Patrick when the holiday finally comes around this year!

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