Black Flexible Glitter Crown

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Black Flexible Glitter Crown

A Crown for Every OccasionThe right crown can really set the tone for a royal occasion. For a wedding, it would be appropriate to wear a crown that’s simple but flashy; something with fine diamonds set in shining silver. When the day is set for business a heavier crown with an imposing nature would be best. But what would you wear to something less royal, something… darker?You’ll need a crown that clearly states that there is something unpleasant that needs to be handled. Maybe a crown that would imply you have turned a page as Queen and your reign is about to make a major change.Product DetailsYour new crown will need to be simple but intimidating. This Black Glitter Crown could be the answer to your request. With sharp-pointed posts, you’ll feel the power of its towering shape. The filigree detailing looks like a wall of thorns ready to defend a powerful and feared Queen. When the lacy filigree was paired with the sparkling finish this crown took on a deadly elegance. Unlike the crowns you wore in the past this regal metal crown is lightweight and flexible, ensuring you won’t need to remove your crown for anything.Royal IntentionsWhether you’re planning to take over another kingdom or unleash a little dark magic on your own, you’ll want to have the right statement piece. Don’t let anyone question your strength or intentions with this Black Glitter Crown.

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Date Added: 2/14/20

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