Mens Star Wars Kylo Ren Wig And Scar Tattoo

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Mens Star Wars Kylo Ren Wig And Scar Tattoo

A LONG ROAD TO POWERThere is no question that the Skywalker legacy is just rippling with strong connections to the Force.  Anakin started things out with a quick path to power and his entire bloodline is keeping up without much issue.  Still, they need just a bit of prodding to get there.  We have yet to see exactly where Kylo Ren is going to end up in terms of the balance of the Force, but that level of power is definitely remarkable.  Unfortunately, it comes with so much emotional strife!  If only there were a way to skip that.PRODUCT DETAILSOf course, there just may be!  Channel the power of teenage angst and keep it long into adulthood with this Star Wars Adult Kylo Ren Wig and Scar Tattoo Kit.  This comfortable wig looks like it is ridden with internal trauma and the temporary tattoos reveal all the sacrifice you've made for your power.  GIVE IN TO THE DARK SIDEIn order to really feel the essence of the Dark Side and gain true strength, you have to be willing to open certain doors that most wouldn't.  Of course, if you have the right Wig and Scar Tattoo Kit, you can take a few shortcuts that will give you look without all the emotional imbalances.  

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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