Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove

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Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove

Becoming the most powerful of Force Wielders in the universe is not a task that comes lightly. It is a trying road, demanding patience, balance of mind, control of ones emotions. Whether you are on the Light side of the Force or have compelling reasons to drift to the Darker path, one thing is almost certain: you are going to thrust your hand up to command an object to fly towards you and Obi Wan Kenobi, your father, a close ally, or even random blaster fire is going to sever your hand. It has already been decided and this is simply a risk that you have to take.So, get prepared for this change in lifestyle. Youâ??ve got the Force behind you, so youâ??ll adapt quickly, and youâ??ll get a nice robotic attachment to replace your missing flesh, so you wonâ??t even lack the ability to wave hello with your right hand. (Did we mention? It is definitely going to be your right hand. Fate and all.) Fortunately, we can help you acclimate to these coming changes with this Anakin Skywalker Adult glove. A perfect replica of the robotic-covering glove, complete in faux leather, three metal buckles, and officially licensed, youâ??ll want to go with the guy whose lost the most parts, most frequently to begin the adaptation process. Justâ?¦ watch out for lava and maybe skip visiting the temple with the younglings.

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Date Added: 2/14/20

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