Harry Potter Men's Severus Snape Costume

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Harry Potter Men's Severus Snape Costume

A Sweeter SnapeWhether you love him or hate him, one thing that always comes to mind when people think of Severus Snape is how dark and bat-like he is. His black clothing and billowing cape are the perfect fit for a cave-dweller or highly skilled wizard with a dark and stormy past. The inventor of several different dark arts spells has a nasty disposition through most of the Harry Potter series. But for fans of the series, it’s common to hear that Snape has a lighter side. Some fans even suggest that Snape is a hero to wizard-kind. His ability to show great (if not disguised) care for those around him, has a lot to do with why it was easy for us to picture him getting rather excited to find that his brand new set of robes were both intimidating and practical.You may not believe us, but when Snape put on a set of these impressive robes, he did a little twirl while cheering. Our typically forbidding friend found a pocket stitched behind the left lapel. As anyone will know a pocket enhances any clothing item. We were told this pocket would be great for your wand or potion ingredients—with an expansion charm, maybe even a certain ruby-hilted sword—which makes it infinitely better than the average pocket.Product DetailsWhile Severus was most excited about the pocket, it was made clear that he was pleased that all the necessary pieces for a well-dressed wizard were included in this officially licensed costume. With a history of wearing mismatched and ill-fitting clothes, Snape is a huge supporter of buying outfits, not separates. So, this Severus Snape costumes includes a jacket, collar, cuffs, and robe to make it easy for you to dress like the sallow-faced, Hogwarts professor.Not So Luscious LocksThe one thing you won't find included with this Severus Snape Costume is his greasy, black hair. You have two options here: let your hair get long and dirty before Halloween or add one of the long black wigs from our wide selection. Without the signature locks, people might mistake you for any average wizard instead of the talented, conflicted, and hotly contested, hero of the wizarding world.

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