Deluxe Caveman Neighbor Wig For Men

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Deluxe Caveman Neighbor Wig For Men

If you’re painting your caveOr inventing fireYou want that blonde hairWhich all cavemen admireWhether gathering by dayOr hunting by nightEveryone lovesA well-coiffed troglodyte-Prehistoric caveman poemWe have studied every fossil and ancient cave painting we could find in order to bring the most accurate replica of the typical caveman hairdo directly to you. It turns out that cavemen most commonly had neatly parted, tidily styled, bright blonde hair. Who knew?If you’re going primal this year then you can’t do without our Deluxe Caveman Neighbor Wig. It is made from durable synthetic hair. We tried to get the real thing, but last year all of our interns got badly clubbed when we made them shave actual cavemen. This comfortable wig fits comfortably thanks to its secure mesh cap.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
Updated: 9/19/20

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