60s Mod Brown Mens Wig

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60s Mod Brown Mens Wig

We happen to drop the rhetorical "What a time to be alive" rather often nowadays. But what about the 1960s? What about if you wereâ??*gasp*â??a rock and roll sensation?There was Vietnam and all the craziness that went along with that. There was a whole lot of tree hugging and all the partying that goes along with that. There was also a little pop culture explosion that had to do with... yep, you guessed it: rock and roll! This sociopolitical and pop culture climate would truly have warranted the comment, "what a time to be alive."And we can help you recreate some of that experience with this 60s Mod Brown Mens Wig, especially if your end-goal is to emulate one of those sensational singers from across the pond.. We can't put together a concert, or organize a civil rights march, but we sure can dress you for the part! It's the easiest way to look like a star and make all the ladies swoon, this wig.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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