The Creature From The Black Lagoon Groundbreaker Decoration

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The Creature From The Black Lagoon Groundbreaker Decoration

Most of your classic movie monsters are really closer to tragic heroes when you look at their backstories, and the Creature from the Back Lagoon (or Gill Man, as heâ??s more informally known) has had a tougher run than most. Heâ??s just your average everyday evolutionary marvel, chilling in his comfy little pocket of the Amazon when a bunch of nosy adventurers stumble in and start complicating his life and making him out to be some kind of horrifying threat. Come on, folks, you canâ??t bring your baggage into Gill Manâ??s house and then get all offended when he tells you to take a hike! And letâ??s not even get into the sequel, where Gill Man gets kidnapped to a Florida aquarium and - surprise, surprise - gets treated like public enemy number one when he has the gall to make an escape.All the Gill Man ever wanted was a quiet place to call home, and now you can give him one. Just set this lifelike groundbreaker decoration in your yard (heâ??d appreciate being near a water feature, but thatâ??s not a requirement) and let him live in harmony with nature for once. Measuring 32" long, 26" wide and 11" high and easy to assemble, heâ??s one invasive species you can welcome into your home. He may look scary, but heâ??s a gentle creature at heart. Treat him nicely enough and he might just forget all about the Black Lagoon.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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