Men's Jungle Man Costume

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Men's Jungle Man Costume

The Jungle HunkWe all yearn for it. You know, a simpler life. A life without all of the distraction and noise of modern-day living! A life free from the constrictions of social obligation! A life where you can bound through the wilderness, completely shirtless and free of the restrictive clothing that society deems necessary, allowing you to show off your muscles to the world! A life completely devoid of your smartphone!... okay, so maybe not EVERY aspect of becoming a wild jungle man is appealing. (We can't imagine giving up our smartphone.) How about this easy compromise, though! This Jungle Man Costume helps you attain the look of a prehistoric man, which you can wear any time when the hustle and bustle of modern life gets you feeling a little blue. It's easy to wear and it lets you indulge in your inner jungle hunk!Design & DetailsCreated by our expert costume designers, this Jungle Man Costume is all about freedom! Freedom from societal norms, freedom of movement, and most importantly, freedom from restricting clothing! The costume comes with a simple pair of briefs underwear that fit underneath the included, faux suede loincloth. The loincloth features ties along the side to adjust the fit and covers just enough skin to give you that caveman sort of look. The costume comes with matching armbands, which add a nice accent to the whole look. With such a simple design, you can customize this outfit many different ways, allowing you to express your inner wild man your way!Your Primal SelfThis Jungle Man Costume will help you get in touch with your primal self without forcing you to give up the technological advances of the 21st century! When you're all done acting like a caveman, just hang this costume up in the closet and save it for the next time you need to embrace your primal side!

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Date Added: 2/14/20
Updated: 9/19/20

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