Men's Lucky Leprechaun Costume

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Men's Lucky Leprechaun Costume

Shoes and GoldWhile Leprechauns are well known for their pots of gold, their love of shoes is less well known. The thing is, they love dancing so much that they go through shoes impossibly fast. Their Céilís can last for days and days. So a long time ago, they took up making shoes. It's said that if you go walking in the fields of Ireland, you can hear them tap, tap, tapping with their hammers. And since they live underground, you'll never find the source. But once you see a Leprechaun, you're sure to know what they've been up to. Because their shoes are always the most radical out of all the faeries! While we know them for their black buckled shoes, that's their old school look. Some of the most fashionable shoes from Nike and Adidas were actually designed by Leprechauns! Guess we know where that pot of gold came from, now, huh?Design & DetailsThis kelly green ensemble is a great way to dress to impress this Saint Paddy's Day. Perfectly balancing old-world charm with comfort, this suit sets the bar for dapper. The tailcoat is elegant and long with a brass-tone button securing the jacket at the waist. The short pants have an elastic cuff to help keep your knee socks in place. And to keep the look suave, the elastic waistband is covered with a black satin cummerbund. Topped off with a gold-trimmed top hat and a bow tie, this costume is both playful and elegant, making it the perfect costume for all sorts of Saint Patrick's Day events!Easy to be GreenWe don't know what that frog puppet was talking about, we think stepping into the cheerful, green role of the Leprechaun is pretty easy. A character that enjoys music, drink, dancing, and good food we can't think of a better way to celebrate Saint Patty's Day!

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