Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Helmet

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Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Helmet

FEEL THE FORCE AROUND YOUAnyone who has watched Star Wars has at least imagined sensing and bringing the Force to bear.  Ever walked up to the automatic doors at the grocery store and waved your hands, knowing that you've opened them with your own will?That's the power of "What If?" and the real magic of the Star Wars universe, but don't those moments when you're sure you can feel something around you amazing?  That little spark of hope that makes you keep trying and keep believing!? PRODUCT DETAILSIt might not be a perfect form of the Force, but you can feel some of that energy around you when you wear this officially licensed Darth Vader Helmet from the Star Wars Black Series.  This full helmet has the sound effects that you've come to recognize from the powerful Sith Lord but also is held together with magnets.  That's right.  You'll literally be surrounded by the Force!  (Kinda!) BEGIN YOUR TRAINING RIGHTNo matter how you come to the Force, experimenting and learning exactly how it works is a tough and trying path.  But, when you have the Black Series Darth Vader Helmet, you'll have that extra boost toward success.  Heck, it worked for Kylo Ren! 

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Date Added: 2/14/20
Updated: 8/9/20

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