Old Man Mask

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Old Man Mask

There are some things in life that simply canâ??t be explained, and in a lot of cases thatâ??s for the best. Why does chocolate taste so good combined with peanut butter? Why do certain pop songs drill their way into your head and play on a never-ending loop? Why is it so incredibly satisfying to sit down with a sheet of bubble wrap and just pop away? And why, oh why, is this mask so strangely creepy?There really isnâ??t anything so disturbing about the face itself. In fact, this guy looks like kind of a nice fellow. A bit goofy, maybe, but who among us isnâ??t? Still, thereâ??s something about the combination of those wide jowls, those deep wrinkles, and that long, stringy hair that just gives us the willies. Maybe thatâ??s as much on us as it is on him, but somehow we suspect weâ??re not alone in finding this dude deeply weird.But hey, sometimes creepy is exactly the point. Next time you feel like squicking out your closest friends, pull on this latex mask with modacrylic fiber hair. From the lifelike wrinkles to the oversized ears to the fully movable mouth, youâ??ll give them plenty to talk about when they try to figure out just why exactly theyâ??re so unsettled.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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