Disney Incredibles 2 Deluxe Frozone Men's Costume

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Disney Incredibles 2 Deluxe Frozone Men's Costume

FROZONE FOR OLYMPIC VICTORY!Superheroes competing in sports has always been a fairly understandable problem.  It's hardly fair to let a super-powered athlete run for the goal if they can race around the world before their ice cream melts and all without even breaking a sweat.  And those wrestling competitions are never going to have a different result if your opponent can just turn into a flaming bonfire if you even think about touching him! But, the best heroes know how to put those powers on the shelf and compete on even terms.  If we can't trust our heroes to play by the rules, who can we trust!?  So, here's our official plea to the Olympic Foundation to let Frozone compete!  Sure, the ability to create ice and skate upon it is a crazy unfair advantage, but look at how long he managed to live without using those powers.  We've got total faith.  FUN DETAILSShow the world that you can do it.  Hop into your iconic look and restrain yourself from firing off icy blasts, even if just for one night.  This Disney Incredibles 2 Deluxe Frozone Men's Costume is the first step to that gold medal.  The icy blue and frosty white jumpsuit has all the designs that we've come to expect of the best bud of Mr. Incredible.  Pull that hood up and gloves on and your look will be nearly complete.  The final step is the truly cool look of your visor.  You'll need it to protect you from the flash of the photographs! SKATE TO THE GOAL LINE AND CHILLWhile it might be tough to keep your superpowers in check for a night, you can at least still look the part of the coolest hero there is with this Incredibles 2 Frozone costume.  There's no contest that your icy exterior and warm heart will make for the perfect combo this season, whether you're bringing down the baddies or just looking incredible! 

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