Men's Alexander Hamilton Costume

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Men's Alexander Hamilton Costume

Find Your FatherThere are a lot of different ways to understand and celebrate history. Obviously, our favorite is a good old-fashioned time travel adventure. Whether you're hopping into a phone booth, a 1980s sports car, or listening to a soundtrack that bends the very cosmos, it is a pretty surefire way to get in contact with some famous, historical figures. Some might think that deciding who to meet is the toughie. But, the real question is what you're going to do once you find them!Imagine you're face to face with Alexander Hamilton, for example. This guy knew a ton and helped to invent a bunch more. He was a military commander, a banker, lawyer, statesmen, and he knew enough about economics to help create the American financial system. Secretary of the Treasury was a natural next stop. Plus, there are a few dramatic moments we wouldn't mind learning more about. (Especially since getting tickets to the Broadway show is impossible!)Design & DetailsDon't wait for your tickets to finally show up. Bring your Hamilton moments to life right away with our Alexander Hamilton costume. This is a Made by Us costume brought to you direct from our in-house design team. The ensemble includes a blue velvet jacket with white panels and gold buttons. The pants have elastic at the back and go great with the included boot tops. Fluff up your cravat around your neck and get ready to belt out your favorite hip hop songs or secure the future of the American way. For Future FameWe're not saying that you'll definitely become the founder of a whole new system of economic success just by wearing this Alexander Hamilton costume. You might not even feel like opening up a hit musical that takes the world by storm. However, you'll definitely look pretty awesome... and isn't that the start of every great new venture?

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