Men's Poseidon Costume

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Men's Poseidon Costume

Be the God of the SeaBeing the ruler of the oceans and seas seems like a pretty decent gig. After all, being the god who controls the seas means that you get to spend a ton of time relaxing on the beach. Just think about that! You get to be the king of surfing waves and drinking tropical fruit drinks while you lay around on a beach towel. You get to be master of challenging the pantheon of Greek gods to a game of volleyball. You probably could even get the honorary title of Marco Polo champion.Yes, being the Greek “God of the Sea” certainly must come with its perks. It’s really quite a shame that you weren’t born into the pantheon… but maybe there’s another way for you to enjoy being the ruler of the sea.Design & DetailsThis adult Poseidon costume turns you into the one and only master of the seas. It comes with plenty of details that solidify your look as a Greek god. The top has large, shimmering sequins that give the look of real golden scales. The bottoms are a pair of flowing pants that feature blue-green colors of the sea. The cuffs and belt are made of metallic gold foam to give you a truly regal appearance. Combine it all together and no one will question your seat on the throne at the bottom of the ocean. Just make sure you pick up one of our trident accessories to put the finishing touch on your transformation into Poseidon!Poseidon Costume for MenThere's never been a better time to jump into the sea! By why just take a swim when you can rule the entire ocean? Okay, so this Poseidon costume might not actually give you ownership of the world's waves, but you sure will look the part, and we think you'll definitely impress everyone you meet, especially the goldfish!

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