Avengers Black Panther Hero Mask

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Avengers Black Panther Hero Mask

Why Wait To Be King?Take on the mantel as both the protector and king over the great nation of Wakanda this Halloween. It's actually a lot easier than it sounds. Don't worry about defeating T'Challa on the edge of a waterfall. We're not saying that you couldn't but... we've found a much easier way to go about this. Simply grab this Black panther Avengers Hero Mask and you're halfway there! Then all you have to do is complete the rest of your costume. BUT this mask is the most essential part of the whole getup. With it, you'll easily intimidate all the supervillains that try to take the riches and technological advancements from your beloved homeland, Wakanda.The mask features many engraved tribal markings as well as the panther ears at the top. There are eye holes as well as breathing slits made near the mouth of the mask. Take a look at the rest of the Black Pather-themed costumes and accessories we have available. You'll easily be able to complete your new heroic look and reign over all of Halloween as the mightest king Earth has to offer. Just try not to chase after any random balls of string. You must resist the temptation and represent the nation of Wakanda as a strong and proud leader.  

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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