Men's Christmas Santa Suit Costume

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Men's Christmas Santa Suit Costume

Have you ever seen Mr. Claus looking so fly?Yeah, so Santa hasn't always been as thin as he could be. It might be because of all those kids leaving cookies, and cookies. (You know they are just trying to get on the nice list.) Just think about the number of calories that he takes in on Christmas Eve as he is delivering all those gifts. So many calories.But you look like you've been working out. Getting up, and walking around. What? You even finished the Couch to 5K running app? Wow. That is pretty impressive. You've finished some themed 5Ks? Oh, the Zombie Run one sounds really fun. So does the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. And you've been laying off the sweets in the off seasons? Eating salads, and watching your portion control? That is impressive.Well, seeing as you have been going through such a change we have something you might be needing this December. It is this Men's Christmas Santa Suit. Your old one must be way too big for you now. This suit will make you super fly to Mrs. Clause. (All without the help of reindeer.) You just have to keep up with the exercising, and eating healthy to keep that weight off. And stay away from the cookies, and milk left out by kids. Feed them to the reindeer if you have too. You'll want to fit into this suit next year too!

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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