Black Fang Party Cup

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Black Fang Party Cup

Raise a GlassWhat would a monster toast to? "To your health" might be a little offensive to the undead of the crowd and you really don't want to see a zombie mope. Perhaps a monster would toast to long nights and short days with plenty of fog in between. Maybe they'd wish for two full moons a month for the werewolves. And vampire worth her fangs would certainly wish for the downfall of all the Italian restaurants in the area. Here's a safe bet for Halloween night, "One bottle for the four of us, thank Drac there's no more of us!" That one is sure to make even the grimmest guests smile.Product DetailsWhile we wouldn't put this cup in the microwave or dishwasher, you can use it for multiple macabre occasions. Simply wash it by hand, refill, and chillPick your poisonWhether you're serving kiddie cocktails or adult beverages, there are plenty of ways to make your drinking thematic! The only hard part? Deciding which delicious mix to go with! So if you're having a Halloween bash this year, don't forget the chilling details. From a foot-shaped meatloaf to a blood-colored punch bowl, your evening is sure to be a howling good time. 

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Date Added: 2/14/20
Updated: 8/9/20

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