Get Real Christmas Tree Adult Costume

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Get Real Christmas Tree Adult Costume

Have an office Christmas party coming up this year? Do you feel like you need to make up for last year's embarrassing display of holiday cheer? Well, you should have known that no one was all that interested in seeing a one-man theatrical version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, but after all the eggnog you were pretty persistent. Well don't worry about performing for your co-workers again in order to gain the spotlight this year, you can easily obtain it with this Christmas Tree Costume!To be more specific, this is our 'Get Real' Christmas Tree Costume. Because it's time to get real! We don't mean to call you a phony or a fraud by any means, just lay those dreams of musical theater to rest... you've been working that office job for how long now? Exactly. Now, it's time to hang up the leotard and throw on this festive holiday outfit! You'll be the most realistic Christmas tree at the party and everyone will love it since those cheapo managers couldn't put the money forward for a regular sized tree. Instead, they made the office settle one of those tiny foot tall trees that can carry three ornaments before falling over. How is anyone supposed to have a merry Christmas when they can't enjoy the majestic sight of a traditional Christmas tree? Well, that's where you'll come in to save the day and spread holiday cheer (the right way this year)!Slip this costume on and be the merriest attendee at the party! If you still really want to add some theatricality to the office shindig this year, then feel free to sing some classic holiday carols while walking around, just don't overdo it... again.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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