Lace Choker W/ Cameo Costume Pendant

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Lace Choker W/ Cameo Costume Pendant

So you've got the outfit. A sumptuous renaissance gown? A dark gothic number? Some grubby jeans and a v-neck?Whatever your outfit, it's not complete without the right jewelry. Of course, "right" is subjective. Right jewelry for you may mean neon beads or a candy necklace. But you can do better than that. Better than an old boring pendant. Better than a plain heart or star. You can get more elaborate. Romantic even. If you've put that much work into selecting an outfit, to the point where you're now shopping for the right necklace to frame your face while highlighting your neck, well then look no further for your jewelry needs.Our Lace Choker with Cameo Pendant is perfect for any occasion. Masquerades, clandestine meets, punk parties... whatever you have planned it will be better with this little number. A black lace choker accented with a cameo and pendant will look amazing with your ensemble. Trust us. We've been wearing it around for weeks now.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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