Skeleton Knee High Socks

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Skeleton Knee High Socks

You wish the Grim Reaper was your uncle, or cousin, or brother (really just any relative). You’ve studied his work all your life. Looking at the interesting ways that does his ghoulish job. You even love his attire, the black hood, and boney hands holding a sickle. He could have taken you to little league practice and gymnastics.He could have taken you to your first 3D movie, though we're not sure how popular that would make youYou do everything you can to look like him. You wear black clothes. Have long spindly fingers, but that wasn’t a choice, more a result from playing the piano for a long time. Now you need these Skeleton Knee High Socks so when you wear a skirt you can still show your relation to Uncle Grim. They will help you show your love, and support for the man you admire so much. Hmm, now all you need are a pair of our boney high heels. After all, the grim reaper never does anything halfway. 

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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