Darth Vader Loot Scoop

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Darth Vader Loot Scoop

No Force Powers NeededThe Force can’t do everything for you. Even when you’re a master of the Dark Side of the Force like Darth Vader, you still need to do some things without the help of the Force. Sure, you can use it to Force choke enemies and maybe you can use it to hurl debris at Luke Skywalker (like he does in the Star Wars original trilogy), but can he use it to carry your sweet haul of candy during a night of trick or treating? We think not!Product DetailsDon’t worry, because this Darth Vader Loot Scoop has you covered! You don’t need to be a master of the Dark Side in order to use it and it handily holds all of your candy in the attached bag. The bag even has a printed Vader face on the front! The handle has Darth Vader’s extended hand on the end and there’s a small hold in the middle for the candy. It’s a must-have item for any child dressing up as Darth Vader this year.Easy AdditionDon’t let your young Sith Lord head out unless they have this loot scoop in hand! It’s an easy addition to any Star Wars costume this year.

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Date Added: 2/14/20
Updated: 9/19/20

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