Child Zebra Yumio Costume

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Child Zebra Yumio Costume

Stripe timeIs your kid looking to get their stripes? Not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all! Of course, if they've got stripes on the mind, they've probably got a particular animal in mind. Maybe they're obsessed since they saw it at the zoo, or maybe they've even been watching some intriguing documentaries of Africa. Whatever the reason, it's the zebra that they're thinking about. And it's not a bad animal to have in mind!Sure, they can hold the zebra in high regard, but as for getting those stripes? We've got an easy and fun way to do that. This kid's Zebra Yumio! This Yumio pajama set will have them styled just like a famous zebra, but they'll be quite comfortable, too, since it's a cozy pajama onesie. When it's time to hit the costume party, we're sure they're going to love slipping into a Yumio!Design and DetailsFrom I Love Yumio, this suit is ready for any kiddo looking to make a stylish zebra splash. Designed to fit baggy and comfortable, this Yumio is sized to fit most kids ages 6 to 10. Boys and girls alike! 100 percent super-soft plush polyester, this suit is cozy. And it has plenty of animal details. The hood features attached and embroidered facial details like the eyes, nose, and ears. And it's got a tail attached in the back, too, for full animal effect!Make it a pajama partyPerfect for sleepovers, the fun is sure to be extra special with this Zebra Yumio for kids. Check out all of our costume pajamas to see the selection of animal prints and designs. If you have enough kids to dress up, you could practically create a zoo right in your own home!

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