Toddler Red Panda Costume

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Toddler Red Panda Costume

Do you ever wonder how your kid got so darned cute? You never remember yourself being nearly as charming but you know that your kid's face tends to distract complete strangers, causing public "aww's" on the regular. You get it, your child can distract you too. Just one disarming eyebrow raise and your mind is off what you need to get for dinner and on what a cute kid you have. It's all you can do not to constantly ruffle that hair and pinch those cheeks!Here's the funny thing, that's how we feel about watching Red Panda videos on YouTube. We'll be texting someone back or looking up a quick how-to video and all the sudden we're watching the cozy little mini-bears roll around the Himalayan forests. Have you and your child discovered these adorable videos? We'd suggest watching the video of a little guy tumbling around in the snow, it's an oldie but a goodie. A child as cute as your own would make a great red panda. With their cuddly nature and sweet goofiness acting like a red panda would come naturally to your little one. It's surprisingly easy for your child to transform into one of these cute creatures. Simply slip this super cozy jumpsuit with its big fluffy tail on your child, zip up the front, and slip the hood over their head. Put the shoe covers and gloves on your little one's hands and feet to polish up the ensemble. Who would have though your little one could get even cuter?

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Date Added: 2/14/20
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