Candy Cane Elf Princess Costume

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Candy Cane Elf Princess Costume

There's nothing like that Christmas Eve feeling. The big meal has been eaten and everyone is sipping on eggnog, maybe nibbling the head off of a gingerbread man. The presents wait under the tree, glistening in the twinkling lights. The kids start distributing wrapped packages to each family member, playing Christmas elf. One by one the presents make a little pile by each person, soon enough those little elves can excitedly settle in by their own pile of treasures, to find out what exciting secrets lie in wait under that shiny paper.Kids just want to be a part of the Christmas preparations. Last year you gave your toddler the task of cooking the turkey. While it was nicely seasoned, everyone agreed that it was a little dry, so you'll probably take over the task this holiday. This year, when you suggested your kiddo take over the task of hanging the Christmas lights on the house, the little trooper was up for it. Once you got out there and looked at the roof, you realized it was a bit higher than you thought, so you took her off the task. Now your little Christmas enthusiast is getting restless and you just don't know what job to give them!This holiday, give your child the most important task of all, spreading Christmas cheer! When your kiddo puts on this elf princess ensemble she will take to the position with bells on. Spreading Christmas cheer is no small task, but in this Christmas colored ensemble with its full skirt and faux fur, it shouldn't be a challenge. She'll distribute cookies and sort presents with glee. When your elf princess is on the job, merry Christmas is covered!

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