Classic Christmas Girl Costume For Toddlers

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Classic Christmas Girl Costume For Toddlers

A Christmas starSo, you’re trying to think of a cute Christmas card to send out to all your friends and family members. You’ve got the perfect starting point: an adorable toddler. That alone will get you points with relatives as you try to outshine your cousins. But what else can you do to make your precious little one even cuter?There are the Christmas classics: angels, shepherds, Santa Claus, a reindeer with a red nose… But those are so overdone! So expected! So dull! You need to pull out all the stops and really find a cute costume for this year’s card, one to ensure its place in Christmas Card History. You want a card that will be talked about for years to come and mentioned just as often as Cousin Brad’s promotion at his law firm.Product detailsWe recommend the Toddler Classic Christmas Girl Costume. This exclusive costume dares to go beyond the stale green-and-red borders of the normal holiday season, featuring a sweet pink dress made of 100 percent velour polyester. It has a back zipper and elastic at the sleeve cuffs for an easy, comfy fit, and it features scalloped edges at the collar, sleeve cuffs and hemline for an extra cute detail. The costume comes with a red velour-covered plastic headband featuring wire antennae with attached ribbon bows. (That’s right, it’s a red headband with a pink dress—a bold fashion statement if there ever was one!) Perhaps the best part of all is the included red 16-inch diameter foam-backed ornament that can be stuffed with tissue or fiberfill to maintain its shape. It’s an instant photo prop that is sure to add some holiday pizazz and bring your Christmas card to the next level. You owe it to yourself, to your toddler and to your whole family to use this Toddler Classic Christmas Girl Costume to share the true joy of the holiday season.

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Date Added: 12/18/19
Updated: 9/19/20

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