Women's Dark Angel Corset Costume

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Women's Dark Angel Corset Costume

Monsters and scary beasts aren't the only things that go bump in the night. Did you know that angels can too! When you wear this Women's Dark Angel Corset Costume, you can become one with the darkness, you will be right in your element. You are sure to be the most sought after dark angel of the night, and no one will be able to resist to get to know you just a little bit better.Our Women's Dark Angel Corset Costume provides you with everything you will need to revamp yourself into a seductive and tempting angel of the night. The black sequined corset it made with boning, features an underwire bust and ties in the back with ribbon lacing to give you the ultimate fit. Throw on your feather covered wings with ribbon straps and your stiffened netting tutu and you are ready for whatever the night may bring. Oh, and did we mention that this costume even comes with a sequined G-string? Yeah, like we said, it's tempting.Some may say you're the Angel of Death in this costume but the only death you'll be causing will be from your good looks! Everyone know that confidence is what's really sexy, so don't let your size stop you from feeling seductive, we carry this costume in plus size as well! It's time to break the mold, angels don't always have to be sweet and innocent. You have to admit, being bad is always more fun!

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Date Added: 12/18/19
Updated: 9/19/20

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